The Humph Award

The Humph Award


Over the last few years the trust has made an award a young musician selected from candidates from the Royal Academy Of Music’s Jazz Department. These talented musicians were given a cash award of £5000 which went towards their studies. In the last year there hasn’t been an award as we have had to reevaluate the size and meaning of this award and how we go about fundraising. I am hopeful that in the coming weeks we will have come up with a workable solution for all those concerned. I am also keen to strengthen our relationship with the Charities Aid Foundation which will also become clearer in the very near future.


Stephen Lyttelton

Show timeline

1921-1932: Childhood

The Lyttelton family was, as Humph called it, ‘a family with a capital F’, peppered with distinguished soldiers, land owners, politicians, clerics and scholars. Not a musician, let alone a jazz musician, to found amongst them.

Humphrey was born and eventually educated in Eton College, where his father George was an illustrious housemaster. It was, however, his mother Pamela who he attributes to encouraging his musical and artistic leanings.