In 1994 Humph received this letter from Downing Street. He had previously turned down an honour in 1976 but this was an altogether bigger thing. ‘Accepting it was never an option but he still felt sick to the stomach. He kept it from all of us, especially my mother who would have excerted a lot of pressure on him to accept, seeing it as recognition for all his work‘ (Stephen Lyttelton)

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1987-1996: The Doctorate Years

Reaching retirement age seemed to spur Humph on to do more. The Clue production was taken over by Jon Naismith and Humph was really enjoying the role. In 1990 he became president of the Society for italic Handwriting, a role he took very seriously.

The band continued to record and tour. Humph received 6 honorary doctorates from the Universities of Warwick, Loughborough, Durham, Keele, Hertford and de Montfort . In 1994 he was offered a Knighthood, which he respectfully declined.